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Suggestions and stuff... also hi.

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1Suggestions and stuff... also hi. Empty Suggestions and stuff... also hi. on Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:26 pm

Hey. I'm Fungasm. I plan to be a regular on this server and forum, maybe try to be an admin as well.

First thing, Suggestions for the Forums. We need a Introductions section so people can introduce themselves when they join the community.(fellowship?) Since we don't currently have one, This will act as my introduction:

Hay you!~ I'm Fungasm. I'm an animator and artist, somewhat known on Newgrounds. Previously known as Darkshadow8181. I've been playing TF2 since Aug 08 2009 (so says my mercenary badge anyway). I was a regular and reserved slot holder on the nom-nom-nom.us server for almost 2 years. I was nominated to be an admin there too, but I got banned over saying the n word in "sup n*gga" by accident. I don't plan to say that word ever again, cause it got me banned from a server I truly loved and cherished. SO NOW I'M HERE. hi.

Something along those lines would be, and is, my introduction.

The second thing I would suggest having, is a "shenanigans" sub forum in the Off topic section. Shenanigans would be a place where your post count doesn't matter, and you can spam and make silly topics as you please.

As for "off topic" I think it would be better suited to be called "general discussion". But that's just me.

Along with the pictures forum, I think there should be a Videos forum, with a sub forum specifically for TF2 videos. Since this is a tf2 community. Also maybe a pony videos sub-forum in the Equestria section.

As for suggestions for the server itself, maybe each week we can have a map rotation picked by the admins/community. of different maps.

For the mic spamming problem, I personally don't mind it, but I brought this up when I was in the server a while ago. That instead of micspamming music, we would have regulars of the server submit 30 second clips of music that would play at the end of each round. That way, it wouldn't become too long or annoying. And it would have better quality. Also, is the server meant to be only arena? If it is, I'm cool with that, but we could switch it up a bit. This again goes into the map rotation idea.

That's it for now, really. Until I think of other things to help improve the server. BUT YEAH. Other than that...

hi. <:

Edit: forgot one thing. For all in-server trades, can we enforce that all trades should be done over text chat, not voice chat? That way, we can still trade, and not have it be in the way of others talking or playing the game.

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