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Weapon Setup Question

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1Weapon Setup Question Empty Weapon Setup Question on Tue Sep 20, 2011 8:16 pm


Hopefully people still check around these forums... Anyways, I'm looking for ideas for different (odd but useful) class setups in TF2.

For example, Denevassy (hopefully I spelled it right) ALWAYS runs around in the demopan setup. I know that isn't completely original, but something like that is what I'm looking for.

Doesn't have to be a whole class setup, it could just be one weapon. Oh, and I would like it so the setup isn't useless (i.e. NOT Rocket Jumper, Gunboats, and Pain Train.)

I'm looking for something that could prove to work well. I beforehand thank you all for ideas.

Edit: tl;dr - I'm looking for a weapon or weapon setup that isn't seen very often, and could be proven to be useful.

2Weapon Setup Question Empty Re: Weapon Setup Question on Wed Sep 21, 2011 7:40 pm


Hmm, weapo setups? I haven't spent much time looking at everyone's weapons, besides Medic which I assume you understand by now. I'm going through TF2 Wiki while typing this trying out combos, I don't know if they're used often or if they'd even work, these are just setups I am trying to think to use in some situations.

Oh and I don't think anyone besides you and me use this forum anymore. Considering that once everyone learned the server was going to die (Apperently you missed the memo though) everyone left. I kept checking in just for shits and giggles and figured that after telling you about the server you would not return here either. Maybe this could be our secret hide out, assuming whoever hosts the server dosen't shut it down after not being payed for for a while, or maybe it is free? IDK. Anyway,

I always thought the Shortstop was a pistol replacement, but that just shows you how little I play Scout. Looking at the stats this looks like an interesting weapon. With the slowdown caused by it, I'm thinking of using this and to slow down your enemy while you do one of four things. Your Melee weapon that could be interesting I think could be either Sandman, Boston Basher/Three-Rune Blade (They're the same according to the stats on the wiki)or Fan O'War. I'm thinking hit and runs could be good, come up from behind a cornor with your Shortstop, shooting the enemy to slow them down as you close in on them to hit with your Melee weapon. If your Melee weapon is Sandman I am thinking of shooting the enemy for slowdown and then quicky taking advantage of the moment to hit them with a bat to keep them from fighting back, then run away while shooting them to get away. You could repeat when you get your ball back. If you are using Boston Basher/Three Rune Blade you could rush in and keep shooting until at Melee range to hit them with the bleeding affect and run away, again while shooting. Repeating as much as you want. Finnally with the Fan O'War you could rush in with Short Stop shooting them again and hit them for the mini crits, as you once again run away shooting. Again you could repeat this as much as you feel safe. With all of the tactics you could continue to harass your victim as they run for health or a Medic or safety by shooting them from a distance to slow them down then running away again when they notice you, so if they chase you they just waste time and will take more damage, or if they try to go back to escaping you return after a reload. As for your Secondary I would just suggest Mad Milk, healing yourself and crits seems useful. If I had Mad Milk I would be using it myself.

Wait, I was planning on atleast posting a little about the other classes, but they're all so boring. The best setups for them have been found and there arn't many ways to play most of them. Scouts is probably what I would call the funnest class (I understand most don't find Medic fun, and my setup isn't anything special anyway) so maybe just the Scout setup is enough, maybe I am not at all original. Maybe I am original. Maybe noone else would use a stupid setup that dosen't work like mine. I would love to test it out but I don't have all the items, and I'd have a hard time giving up my FaN, I'd be shooting the ground trying to give myself an extra jump and plummet to my doom. Thoughts?

3Weapon Setup Question Empty Re: Weapon Setup Question on Wed Sep 21, 2011 8:23 pm


Wow, that must have taken you forever. I thank you for your time and effort in responding to this. Scout is my best class, and whether anyone wants to believe it, most people have fun in winning, rather than "trying their best." I know that a lot of people are annoyed by the Shortstop, but that won't stop me from using it. I very much have taken interest in your scout setup, as I'm going to be trying it out the next few days. Thank you again for your time.

P.S - I just read a heartwarming fanfic on Equestria Daily that involved shipping Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy. I think reading these fanfics might become a new hobby.

4Weapon Setup Question Empty Re: Weapon Setup Question on Sun Sep 25, 2011 9:48 am


Actually it didn't take too long, it would have taken longer if I actually did more classes. I just went on TF2 Wiki and looked at the Scouts weapons, not long to think of it and not too long to type it out. Hope it goes well.

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