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Majestic's suggestions for the arena server

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1Majestic's suggestions for the arena server Empty Majestic's suggestions for the arena server on Fri Jul 29, 2011 12:35 pm

I suggest that we implement some mods such as randomizer (everybody gets random weapons and a random class), the mod that lets you see who sprayed what so offensive sprays may be dealt with, Mabe rtd i dont know how that would work out, and also saxton hale mod would be fun. and some maps such as, timberworks, refinery, and just other nice custom ones, also legend of zelda arena is really nice i cant remember the name though ill have to ask my old group mates... anyway i hope you take my suggestions into consideration
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I'm all for custom maps if they're balanced.

But, I like my TF2 like I like my ice-cream. Vanilla. RTD (depending on what abilities you provide/give) tamper with gameplay in such a way that it's either godlike, or a complete hindrance to yourself. I'm not a fan of randomizer either. It's a neat mod, but the server that officially created it runs it fine.

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The 2 things you listed that we DEFIANTLY will be adding are, spray identification (as this is a necessity), and custom maps. Mind you, the custom maps we will be adding will most likely be the more popular ones (waste, 2fort arena, ect.)

As for the others, they most likely will not be added, unless we have a huge portion of the community that wants them. I'm sorry, but there just not very practical.

Thanks for the input majestic, keep it up!


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