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Which program do you use to cut down hldj files?

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I usually use a youtube downloader but then i need an audio program that can write mp3's i tried audacity, but it couldent write mp3s without some 3rd party junk any other suggestions?

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2Which program do you use to cut down hldj files? Empty Help on Sat Jul 30, 2011 6:50 pm

I'm not exactly sure what you mean, so I'll just tell you my process. I use Zamzar, which takes YouTube videos and turns them into WAV files, download the file, put that into GoldWave, edit it up, and finally use dBpoweramp Music Converter for the 11 khz and mono setting.

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from personal experience, real player's trimming is the easiest. You basically just drag and drop two bars to where you want the trimmed file and save it. Never had any problems with it. Also, in order for you to be allowed to use your hldj in the server, you must get a sound clip of pikachu saying "pika?" Very Happy .

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Well ok thanks for your replies =D ill try for that file cudi

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